Bellami Hair Review

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Ahhhhh! I have been waiting for this moment my whole life! Okay, a wee bit dramatic but seriously I can’t believe I’m finally the owner of Bellami Hair Extensions and it’s everything I dreamed of. Good hair is so important to me. I’m a firm believer that when your hair is excellent, everything will fall into place! It completes an outfit, it makes you feel great and it could definitely get the attention of your potential love interest (I’m still waiting on that one). You definitely don’t need long hair to be or feel beautiful, but for girls like me that prefer having longer locks and have grown far too impatient for yours to reach that desired length, you should definitely invest in a set of these babies. I get so many compliments on them and no one can tell it isn’t my real hair! I purchased the 22″ Bellissima set in Ash Blonde. I washed mine with a purple shampoo to get out a little of the brassy tones and it worked perfectly!
And for my exciting news! I am now an affiliate for Bellami! Basically, when you click the badge I have on the right or the link below and purchase your set I make commission! So if you decide to buy yourself some luscious locks, make sure to click the badge or link. I hope you like the review and are as excited as I am! 🙂

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