C is For Chandler





Ever since I saw J. Crew came out with their silver oxfords I have been in love with silver shoes. I was in Old Navy this last weekend when I came across these beautiful flats and had to buy them. They are so much fun! Silver flats can change a whole outfit. For this look I paired my American Apparel “Cc” shirt with a black leather jacket. Since I have a bold shoe I didn’t want to have too much going on, so I made sure to stick to a few strong colors that would compliment them. Graphic tees with words are definitely in and will be in for spring so if you have, them wear them, and if you don’t you should find one! You can even make your own! I’ll probably end up doing that so expect to see it on here soon! I happened to be wearing red lipstick for a shoot before this and actually really liked how it looked with this outfit. I think it would be good with or without, but if you’re looking for a little more color then I’d say stick with the lipstick! Thanks again for reading, you guys mean a lot to me and help make all this possible! 🙂
Cc Graphic Tee: American Apparel // Leather Jacket: Forever21 // Yellow Clutch: Target // Silver Flats: Old Navy

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