Check This Coat Out

IMG_0078IMG_0068  IMG_0095 IMG_0076  IMG_0092  IMG_0103 IMG_0087IMG_0074

I LOVE buffalo check. It really started last Fall/Winter but I can tell it’s not going anywhere! Lucky for me… and you! I really love leather. I seriously have leather leggings, pants, skirts, jackets, etc. Most of the time when I wear a leather I like to keep it exciting by pairing it with bold prints or colors. Kind of get that feminine/masculine thing going! These shoes are a must have right now (or in my opinion always) because aside from being everywhere in Fashion Week, they go with SO much and not to mention are incredibly comfortable. I see fantastic deals on them everywhere so keep your eyes peeled. Happy Monday, everyone!

Jacket: ASOS // Grey V-Neck: Target // Leather Leggings: Forever21// Beanie: H&M // Purse: H&M // Shoes: Target
(Photography by Brittany Ting)

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