Color Blocking






Apparently I’ve been feeling really colorful lately! This outfit is anything but dull. I remember the first time I put these pieces together, I wasn’t too sure. It was a lot of color. But then I realized that a lot of color is okay if you use it right. So if you don’t know about color blocking, here is your chance! If you have a few colorful pieces, try pairing them together and see if you come out with anything new and exciting. Certain colors will look better together but that’s something you will start to pick up on the more you try it out. So don’t be afraid to try it out! Spring is coming so why not give it a shot? I personally love J.Crew when it comes to interesting colors. I know that most people feel it’s expensive but their basics are very affordable and come in BEAUTIFUL colors. Go check them out, but beware, they are addicting!
Necklace: J.Crew // Pink Top: J.Crew // Royal Blue Skirt: J.Crew // Gold Pumps: JC Penney

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