Excuse My French

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Bonjour mes beaux amis! 
(Please do excuse my French… I don’t speak any and I may have Googled that phrase)
How are you all? Hopefully wonderful because life is great! This outfit is one that I feel really showcases my personal style, so I’m pleased to share it with you. When I saw this top at Forever21 I had to have it. The print, the texture, the fact that it’s a conversation tee… it was everything I could have wanted. Funny enough, when I was holding it and shopping I had a woman actually ask me where I found it in the store. Obviously she couldn’t take it’s perfect-ness either. (So Forever21 I’ll take that commission in the form of a check or just a high five that will work too) I love love love leather as you all know and I picked up this pencil skirt recently, knowing how much will go with it. This is just one way to style it! You could do all black, you could make it super girly or just have fun with it like I did here. Okay and I have to mention as well that I have wanted a pair of heels like this for quite some time as well and I am not kidding, I found these BRAND NEW for $8 on sale. I asked the sales associate like ten times just to make sure it was real… It was. I love a good deal!

‘Excuse My French’ Tee: Forever21 // Leather Midi Skirt: Forever21 // Black Laced Heels: DEB // Green Purse: Target // Sunnies: Target

Photography by Brittany Ting

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