Little Lilac Dress

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We will skip the part where I haven’t posted in ages. I hate being inconsistent but I guess being in college it happens. I’m back and going for good now though, yay! The perfect way to start back off is sharing with you this gorgeous lilac dress that I purchased recently. I love it because of the color obviously (I’m a sucker for lilac) but also the curved hem really adds something different to it! Most of all, the fact that it’s modest is fantastic. Most dresses have either a low back, low front, too short, etc. So when I find something that forgoes all of those things, especially when it’s stylish, I get a little giddy! I knew I wanted to pair this dress with gold accessories immediately. Pastels look great with metallics like silver or gold. Have a wonderful Friday! 🙂
Dress: MissGuided // Heels: JC Penney // Accessories: Target
Photography done by Kirk Stanovich,

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