A few months ago I found this fantastic sweatshirt at Urban Outfitters. Sure, it’s just a simple white crew neck, but it says MEOW. Literally. I am in love with graphic and printed tops with either a saying or even just a simple word. I think they add to the statement of your outfit and they can be put with quite a range of things. For this look I wore it with a gold bib chain necklace, a gold watch (I think I have a thing for gold accessories…), leather leggings and my beloved black and gold boots.
MEOW Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters // Leather Leggings: Forever21 // Black and Gold Boots: Target // Gold Necklace:H&M // Gold Watch: Target
Aside from the outfit this week, I wanted to do something fun and a little informative. I won’t lie. I am more of a dog person. However, I love cats. I love all animals to be honest. Maybe even a little obsessed. So when I wanted to post this look I immediately thought of the cat shelter here in Rexburg, ID called Four Paws. They house rescued cats and kittens and are available to be adopted. It’s a pretty small place and they have 100+ cats. It is pretty much heaven. I had a lot of fun volunteering and to be honest it doesn’t even feel like volunteering… So wherever you live, if you have the opportunity to volunteer at your local animal shelter DO IT. Service is great. If you feel like taking it a step further go ahead and adopt! 
I love fashion and I love that it can be inspiring. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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