Royal Blue Beanie




I’m going to start this by saying that citrus and royal blue are just amazing. Such beautiful colors that everyone should own. I’ve definitely been throwing a lot of bright color combos your way lately. I’d apologize but I’m not all that sorry. I think that most people resort to only dark colors in the winter. As I have mentioned before, I love dark colors and all-black outfits but I try to make sure it’s not all I’m wearing. Which I’d say has been pretty evident in that last few posts! I am so excited about these racer stripe athletic looking trousers that are in right now. In my opinion, they really add to any outfit. Especially if you want a little extra somethin’ somethin’ without going overboard. Originally I just wore the citrus shirt, jacket, trouser and shoes together and then I got my hands on this beanie. I was IN. LOVE. I adore royal blue and having it in beanie form was a dream come true. I gave it a shot with this outfit and I wasn’t disappointed.
Citrus Top: H&M // Leather Jacket: Forever21 // Trousers: Forever21 // Blue Beanie: Urban Outfitters // Pointed Flats:Old Navy
Alright. So a little side note from today’s look. As I mentioned on my Instagram and Twitter posts, today I wanted to give you a little background on why I started blogging.
Throughout high school I dressed horribly. Not just with style, but with appropriateness. Short shorts, strapless tops, dresses that probably could have been shirts, you name it. I didn’t think that looking cute and not revealing yourself could go hand in hand. I continued to dress immodestly throughout high school and even after for a year or so. I started to come across fashion blogs. Mainly Utah bloggers that I had never seen before except maybe on Pinterest. They were breathtaking. I investigated into their blogs a little further to discover that they dressed modestly! Now. When we hear the word “modest” I know we tend to get this grandma image in our head or some renaissance picture. That’s exactly what I want to help change. Modesty doesn’t have to mean a turtleneck and khaki pants. Modesty can be beautiful, appealing and desirable. Forget what Hollywood says. It can be done. I want to help girls and women everywhere to understand that you don’t have to dress scantily to be fashionable. I want to help those girls like me. Lost in high school and unaware that I didn’t have to dress like all the other girls to get noticed and look great. So, here I am now. Blogging to share my passion of fashion, on a mission to help inspire women of all ages in all places, and I couldn’t be more excited.
Thanks for being a part of my blog this far and can’t wait to see where this goes! See you on Tuesday!

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