Spring and Stripes

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I am so happy that flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, it finally feels like Spring. You never can be too sure here in Rexburg though, it could always snow. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying this nice weather! Today’s outfit involves one of my favorite things… stripes. I would say I have an obsession with stripes. Whenever I go shopping I’ll pull several striped tops and whoever I’m with will say, “Don’t you already have something just like that?” and in my head I’m thinking “Um, that was a thin stripe… this is a slightly thicker stripe, duh!” I know. So ridiculous. But I know you’ve done it too 😉 This skirt is one of my favorites and it comes from a company that I am really fond of. It’s called Eshakti and the thing I like about it is that you can customize your skirt lengths, dress lengths, even add custom sleeves to a dress! Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well it is. They give $25 coupons when you first sign up and very frequently through their emails. I love a super feminine chic look so I paired the skirt with this gorgeous pearl statement necklace and a chambray top from Gap. It’s beyond effortless but it looks nice and put together, a good talent to have for girls like me who dress up on Sundays! I hope you enjoy your spring day, thanks for reading!
Top: Gap // Skirt: Eshakti // Shoes: GoJane // Necklace: Forever21
Photography done by Kirk Stanovich with Kirk Stanovich Photography. Find him at http://www.kirkstanovich.com/

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