Standing Out

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Sometimes I like playing with pieces that I don’t initially think will work together. That was the case with this outfit. Awhile back I was shopping with my sister, helping her add new pieces to her wardrobe and spotted this jacket. We got it for her and I may or may not have plotted stealing it. Luckily enough for me she didn’t wear it and gave it to me… score! So here it is, this beautiful green/teal jacket! I didn’t want to let this jacket do all of the work though itself so I added some other pieces that wouldn’t overpower it yet would keep it exciting. I absolutely love this floral necklace, I bought it from J.Crew almost a year ago and seriously one of my best investments. Unique statement pieces are a great way to show your personal style and add to outfits. So when you see one that really speaks to you (and is ideally versatile) grab it! Okay, pay for it first but then take it! You won’t regret it. You guys are the best, hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
Coat: Forever21 // Necklace: J.Crew // Striped Shirt: Banana Republic // Pants: Forever21 // Pumps: GoJane
Photography done by Kirk Stanovich Photography!

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