T-Shirt Dress

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Woo! You guys. It feels good to be posting regularly again. I wore this outfit while in Vegas for my sister’s wedding about a week ago and several people asked me to put it on the blog so here you go! It’s funny how the simplest outfits can be the ones that get the most recognition! I love a good t-shirt dress and this one is from ASOS! Now, the crazy thing is that that purse is from Gap… but I got it at Goodwill! The same goes for the booties! Never think that you are too good for thrift stores. There are so many treasures there! Some good and some, well, not so much.
I am so beyond happy and excited to introduce you to my new photographer! Her name is Brittany Ting and she is literally the cutest and sweetest girl EVER. She reached out to me on Instagram when I was looking for a photographer since I just moved to Provo and I am beyond blessed that she wanted to work with me! Go check her out at brittanytingphotography.blogspot.com
T-shirt Dress: ASOS // Booties: Goodwill // Bag: Goodwill (GAP) // Hat: DownEast Basics

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