The Hair Tutorial: My Wavy Curls





At last! The long awaited hair tutorial. I’ve been getting requests for a hair tutorial since my freshman year of high school (this one’s for you Chelsea Ziegler!) so I’m pretty excited that it’s finally happening. Please excuse the fact that I recorded the tutorial on my computer I was having some trouble with my camera… however, it’s enough to understand what i’m doing and that is what matters!
A few side notes; I rarely, if ever, blow dry my hair. It’s horrible for it! I believe that’s one of the ways I keep my hair so healthy for someone who colors it often. I never brush through my hair when it’s wet. I only use a wide tooth comb. I love using any type of smoothing serum when it’s damp because it helps smooth it out and it usually smells great! Last but not least, I love Biotin. It’s not necessarily proven but I can testify to the fact that when I take it daily, my hair grows so much faster. I challenge you to try it out for a month! I hope you enjoy the tutorial. I love you all!

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