Your Friend Fuschia






Wow. It has been a crazy week! I can’t believe it’s already Friday again (but I’m definitely not complaining!) This look involves one of my most favorite color combinations ever and that is fuchsia and forest green. A while back I was making outfits out of my closet and paired the two together. It has been one of the most consistent color combos I have continued to wear since! And once again, sometimes colors you wouldn’t initially pair together actually work! So don’t be afraid to try. Because I’m telling you, when you find a good pair of colors it feels as if the heavens are opening up to you and praising your good work. Okay. Maybe a little dramatic… but seriously. Play with color! Okay so a little more about this look specifically. I love cheetah print loafers. Maybe they are on their way out but I will make sure they stay in. Or at least in my closet. So naturally I put them with this look to give it a little texture. I am also in love with these racer stripe trousers I recently purchased. I know that the athletic look is going to be in this spring (hooray!) so you’ll see those a lot more! I paired it with a simple gold watch because I didn’t want too much going on due to the bold fuchsia and other stand out pieces of the outfit. But like I’ve said before. Simple can be your best friend if that’s your intention! Well. I’m sure you’ve got more things to do on this friday so I’ll finish here, and maybe you don’t and if you don’t go ahead and just keep looking through the blog! Maybe even follow it! Thanks again for reading and being a part of this with me!
Forest Green Coat: JC Penney // Fuchsia Sweater: JC Penney // Racer Stripe Pant: Forever 21 // Cheetah Print Loafers:UrbanOG // Gold Watch: Target

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