Cotton Candy Coat

IMG_0081 IMG_0065IMG_0039 IMG_0033 IMG_0066 IMG_0077 IMG_0040 IMG_0100 IMG_0068

I am a huge fan of wearing naturals, especially in the Fall and Winter! But something that makes wearing neutrals new and exciting is pairing it with a pop of color! I am definitely not letting pastels go anywhere because I love them so much, so I put it with this outfit to give it a feminine/soft feel. The great thing about wearing neutrals is that they can suffice on their own but if you want to make it stand out, adding a colorful coat, bag or shoe will be an easy way to transform your look! Okay aside from the outfit, how pretty are the trees?! I can’t go anywhere without being mesmerized by the colors! It’s so exciting to start wearing coats and scarves because in my opinion it gives you more room to be creative with your style. Happy Fall!

Pink Coat: H&M // Grey Sweater: Forever21 // Pants: Forever21 // Scarf: H&M // Purse: H&M // Shoes: Deb

Photography by Brittany Ting

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