Trick or Treat











Do you guys love Halloween as much as I do?! I have always been fond of it, probably all the free candy but I also like the spooky-cool atmosphere it brings. I’m horrible when it comes to watching scary movies but I think it’s fun to enjoy the season. So today I have a completely black outfit for you with a touch of gold and dark red lips! Something funny about this sweater is that I actually have it backwards… I hate the neckline in the front so I just switched it and for me it made the sweater new and exciting! All black outfits are pretty easy to make up, but if you really want to give it a little something extra try sprucing it up with a dark lip or metal accessories! I hope you all enjoy your halloween this weekend and eat tons of candy (but also brush your teeth)!

Sweater: Old Navy // Leather Skirt: Forever 21 // Laced Heels: Deb // Earings: Portland Market // Lipstick: Mac “Rebel”

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