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I’m super excited to start incorporating different styles of posts onto my blog such as this one! I get a lot of questions about how I come up with my outfits. The honest truth is that I spend A LOT of time staring into my closet and trying to figure out new ways to wear things that I already have. I think that we many times feel the need to run to the mall every time we want to wear a “new” outfit and that totally isn’t true! It’s so fun and helpful to get creative with what you already have. For example, you’ve seen me wear this basic t-shirt dress before on its own and you’ve seen me wear both of these coats, but I wanted to show you two ways you can switch up what you already have! I encourage you to take time to make outfits with your own clothes! Yes it takes time, and yes you will come up with a lot of things that don’t work… but you will also come up with so many new and fun things that make your wardrobe feel new and exciting! Now I am not shaming the mall or buying things (trust me, I love the mall) but strive to work with what you have as often as you can and buy things when you just absolutely can’t leave the store without it. Happy Sunday and hope you all had the best Halloween! 🙂

First Look: Pink Coat: H&M // Dress: ASOS // Pumps: CiciHot // Purse: H&M

Second Look: Buffalo Check Coat: SheInside // Dress: ASOS // Booties: Goodwill

Photography by Brittany Ting.

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  1. I need to hire you to be my fashion coach!!! Who takes all your pictures? They’re amazing!

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