Winter Wonderland


So this day was a fairytale, and I didn’t even need a man in a dark gray tee shirt. I had the amazing opportunity to go and explore in the (FREEZING, thanks, Utah) mountains with two incredible photographers – Brittany and Brolin. Make sure you check both of them out, because they’re insanely talented. (I’ll make sure to link them at the bottom.)

Sheer Rose Designs donated this GORGEOUS wintery flower crown, so if you have any floral needs (or just wants…) you should definitely choose them.

Clothing-wise, I wanted something in a rich shade for this shoot, to contrast with the white mountains and dark forestry. This beautiful blue shift dress popped perfectly with the scenery, so I teamed it with some basic brown booties and boom – I was walking in a winter wonderland. (15 hour Christmas playlist, what?) I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for actual snow frolicking… but pair it with some thick socks and/or tights, and it could be perfect for winter time!

This is just the first post of this photoshoot (these are all images taken by Brittany Ting), and I’ll post Brolin’s photos another week! Hopefully you’re getting just as excited as I am about the winter season approaching, and guarding yourself against potential frostbite by keeping your pre-Thanksgiving pie consumption game strong. (#Insulate)

Happy Wednesday!

Dress: H&M // Booties: Goodwill // Flower Crown: Sheer Rose Designs

Photography by Brittany Ting (

Brolin (@chikfilbae)


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  1. Gorgeous as always! Can’t wait to start playing around with snow in my shoots again! 🙂

  2. Stunning photography, as always! So great to have you in Utah! =)

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