Lips of Bling














 (This random cat came strutting through while we were taking photos and I got a little distracted…)



If you know me well, you probably know how much I love unique printed pieces. I was browsing through H&M during my break at work (Banana Republic woo!) and I saw this tee from across the room. I want to say it was like one of those love movies where the guy and the girl stop in their tracks and run in slow motion towards one another but well, it was a shirt and there was no Etta James playing. But I think you get the idea, I had to have it! It only got better when I checked the price and it was only $12. I bought it in a medium because I prefer to size up when I get shirts like this, it’s a lot more flattering and gives your outfit dimension in my opinion. The great thing about the shirt is that it could go with so many things. I chose leather for this time around but also paired it with a denim jacket that you could choose to leave on or take off and it wouldn’t hinder the look at all. I like adding a denim piece because it softens it all up just a smidgen. H&M had several other AMAZING tees like this one when I was there just the other day, so go check them out because they are great pieces to have in your closet! Are you getting as excited for Thanksgiving as I am? I can’t believe it’s already next week! Enjoy the rest of your Friday and have an amazing weekend! 🙂

Tee: H&M// Jacket: Forever21 // Skirt: GoJane // Shoes: GoJane // Purse: H&M // Sunglasses: Lulu Bella Boutique

Photography by Brittany Ting

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