Cozy (Must Have) Caridgan



 (Just jamming to Taylor Swift 1989…)











Today I wanted to stick with a comfy, easy and quick outfit for you! These drapey cardigans are everywhere right now and if you don’t already own one, now is the time! They make a simple tee and boots look a million times more put together, all while being insanely cozy. I don’t know about you, but I sure like to feel warm and toasty in the winter months but I don’t exactly want to look frumpy either. I love this tee from American Apparel, it’s just a upper and lowercase C (my name is Chandler incase you didn’t already realize ;-)) So it’s a fun way to personalize an outfit to my own style. Graphic tees are so great for sprucing up your basic outfits, which you’ve heard me say a bunch of times already, but I mean it! 😉 Brittany and I stumbled upon this gorgeous place while taking photos and it had the most beautiful trees and lighting arrangements so we got pretty excited as you can see! Hope you’re all getting pumped for Thanksgiving, I know I am!

Tee: American Apparel // Gray Cardigan: Boutique // Leather Pants: Forever21 // Booties: Goodwill // Bag: GAP // Beanie: Forever21

Photography by Brittany Ting.


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  1. oh, i love this. i’ve got blank space on repeat haha! 1989 is so good!!

    and what a cute cardi. it looks so comfy! i recently stumbled across your blog and absolutely love all of the outfits you post. thanks for showing how you put together looks that are cute and modest!

  2. Hey Chandler! Love your blog!! Your outfits and locations are on point!


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