Hope Ave. Look One














As many of you know, there are MANY boutiques in Utah that you can find. Hope Ave. happens to be one of my new favorites! They just changed over from Lemon and Ice, you might recognize them by that name! Their store is super cute and the clothing is amazing. The chambray and floppy hat in these photos are both from their store! I have been on the hunt for the perfect chambray shirt for so long now. I wanted something that was a little bigger and slightly boxy (I love sizing up in most shirts to give texture to my looks – thanks Jenna Lyons) so when I found this one I was ecstatic! It’s better than any other chambray I’ve owned. It fits and falls just right! And let me tell you, they are one of the most versatile shirts you can own so I recommend it! This hat is another piece I’ve been on the search for and couldn’t help myself from snagging it when I was in their store. With Spring right around the corner, floppy hats are a good thing to have as well. They give a effortless bohemian feel to any look… or save your life on a bad hair day đŸ˜‰ I was so lucky to also partner with ALC Photo/Design in Rexburg to shoot these images. She is insanely talented as you can tell! You can find her page here!

Top: Hope Ave. // Pants: Forever 21 // Hat: Hope Ave. // Flats: Target // Watch: Nixon


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  1. mandysickinger@yahoo.com February 18, 2015 — 7:18 pm

    You’re gawjus!


  2. Chandler!! those are AMAZING Photos! and I love the Chambray/denim shirts I wear mine all the time. I have like 4 different colors lol!

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