Hope Ave. Look Three

Chandler-9 Chandler-17 Chandler-7 Chandler-25 Chandler-13 Chandler-8 Chandler-24 Chandler-14-2 Chandler-15 Chandler-6 Chandler-20 I have nothing but the best things to say about Hope Ave. This is the last look of three I’ve styled of pieces from their store and I’m so thrilled that they all are items I’ll be able to wear a million times as well as mix and match with so many things in my closet currently! I promise that I will never hype up any product or store unless I can 100% say I love it myself. This white top from Hope Ave. was my first pick when I stopped by their newly remodeled store in Orem. I love bohemian clothing and this white top is just gorgeous alone or styled up. Then this necklace caught my eye and I got pretty giddy because I had also been looking for one just like it! And once I started putting things together, I loved how it looked with the white top and also the floppy hat – which is also form their store, I know, it’s too good to be true how great of a selection they have. I wish I could have taken everything in their store home with me. When going for a bohemian look, remember, drapey tops/dresses are a must! White Top – Necklace – Floppy Hat: Hope Ave. // Jeans: Forever21 // Bag: Gap (Goodwill) // Booties: Goodwill Photography by ALC Photo/Designs

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