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If you haven’t already heard of or been to Lulu’s online store, GO NOW! I’ve been a huge fan of their clothing for quite some time now so I was ecstatic when they contacted me to collaborate. What I wanted to do was show you one of my favorite and simple ways to put together an outfit that looks like you worked a lot harder than you probably did! 😉 Black + white + pops of color (and/or unique pieces) make for an overall appealing outfit! It seriously has helped me on so many occasions to remember that. Experiment with what you might already have in your closet to get a feel for it, maybe browse Lulu’s for some new pieces! It’s such a simple concept but it does wonders for helping you look rather put together! I, as you know by now, LOVE unique statement pieces in my wardrobe. The guy I’m dating saw this purse and said to me, “Do you ever actually use this?!”… Um, boys, am I right?! Of course I use it! But, I wouldn’t say it’s an every day item either! It’s important to have pieces that can showcase your personal style that you can use frequently enough, even if it isn’t every day. But overdoing it on them might make your style seem a little cluttered so be wise with it! This dress fits like a glove by the way. I’ve always wanted a nice fitted white dress but never found one that I thought was flattering enough or the right quality, until now! It’s gorgeous and it obviously can be paired with SO many things. So. Moral of today’s blog story… Visit Lulu’s.com asap, experiment with black, white and colorful pieces and have fun with your style! Style is something that can really help you feel unique and confident, so don’t be afraid to be you! 🙂

Outfit from Lulu’s.com

Photography by the wonderful Alice Photography!

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