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I am so excited to start sharing swimwear with you guys as the warmer months are approaching (about time!) because I know that it can be super hard to find a cute, modest swim suit that you can actually afford! For those of you who know about my pineapple print obsession, you will understand me when I say that this suit it SO ME! The coolest thing about KortniJeane swimwear is that there are so many options of patterns and suit style that you can mix and match! You can have your own creative suit basically that is so YOU! 🙂 I have already received lots of compliments on this suit and questions about where I got it. Kortnijeane is the place to go! You will not be disappointed! I love mine, so go grab yours and head to the pool or beach! Happy Thursday!

Swimsuit: http://www.kortnijeane.com

Photography: http://www.alicejane.photography

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  1. This swimsuit is so cute! It’s the perfect pineapple print. Great photos!

    Shae @ Current Habits

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