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Alright, alright! I am so happy to be doing this post for you because it deals with something that I know I have struggled with and I am sure many of you can relate with as well! That is… what the heck to wear in the summer! When I first was endowed and received garments, it was summer and I found myself pretty frustrated. I didn’t want to just smack on a pair of bermuda shorts and a tee every day and I was running out of options. My best advice (it’s pretty simple) is that dresses are your BEST friend/choice for the summer. I say for several reasons; One, generally it’s only one piece of clothing which means super simple and in the summer I like to just keep it minimal and go! Two, can you say breezy?! I feel like I always sweat more when I wear shorts or capris that are too tight to my body on hot days. Dresses cool you down! Three, it looks like you’ve gotten more ready even if all you did was throw on a dress! People always ask me what I’m dressed up for and little do they know I pulled a dress out of the bottom of my clean clothes hamper that I have yet to fold, ironed it and called it an outfit for the day 😉 So. I know that many of you have trouble finding good summer type dresses and dresses that are modest! So for the rest of July and August I am going to be posting my favorite options and tips! But remember, sizing up is a huge help in lengthening shorter dress options and not to give up when searching! Sometimes it takes diligence to find those hidden gems! Happy Sunday! 🙂

Dress: H&M (Click HERE) // Sandals: JC Penny

Photographer: Alyssa Lemmon, ALC Photography

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  1. This dress is so easy and perfect, not to mention adorable on you! Love everything about this.

    Shae @ Current Habits

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