Down in the River to Play


This year, I am a huge fan on the high waisted swimsuits. Now, I am sure many people are thinking “But how is that modest?” and here’s what I have to say to those people. When it comes to swimwear, modesty means more than the term one piece to me. It means, is what should be covered, covered? To me, some one pieces are extremely revealing. I know that not every woman’s body is the same, and wearing one pieces for some is extremely difficult. So these high waist suits are in my eyes such a great alternative while still maintaining modesty. Searching for a good suit can be tough since the selection of racy choices far outweighs the modest ones but never give up! You deserve to feel beautiful and you shouldn’t be afraid to step out in a swimsuit that doesn’t flatter you to some degree. I found this beautiful suit on and it’s amazing. Sometimes it just takes patience and diligence to find the right one for you! 🙂

Swimsuit: (Size Medium! Their sizes run small!)

Photography by Alyssa Lemmon, ALC Photography

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