All Hail the Clearance Section














I’m never too cool for the clearance section. Truth be told, it’s usually the first thing I go for. Sometimes I tell myself that I won’t buy a certain item unless it ever goes on sale and sometimes it doesn’t (the ones that got away…) but then other times I come in and SALE! I grab up that piece immediately and I feel so much better knowing I got it for a better price. It helps me exercise some shopping self control- something we all need a little of, am I right?! So this white dress from HM is one of those things. I’ve been wanting a simple dress like this for awhile but I didn’t agree with how much it was when I first found it. Later on, I got it for $10! Best part is that it was marked for $15 and when I got up to the register it was even less. I think that should be the definition for euphoria… haha. So I went and grabbed the other color in the same dress. I love that I can wear this dress all day as a casual piece and then at night all I need to add is a nice jacket and bam! It looks evening appropriate as well! I got this jacket at Forever 21 and it’s possibly my favorite purchase out of their store. The quality is beyond what I usually find and it was only $20! I adore simple pieces that can be worn countless ways and this dress is one of those things! And are these sandals not so great? I wear them all the time. I got them from a company you probably wouldn’t even expect to find them at and that’s one of my other tricks! Never give up when you are on a hunt at a store just because the store appears like it won’t yield what you’re looking for. So many hidden gems!

Dress: HM// Bag: HM (Sold out but similar here)// Jacket: Forever21// Hat: Forever21// Sandals: AMI Clubwear

Photography by Jake Berrett (@jakeberrett)

Edited by Me!

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  1. Love this outfit! I’m a total sale junkie too haha –

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