Neon, Neon


I absolutely love neon yellow. Maybe Jenna Lyons is a little to thank for that, but it’s just so good. Neon as a whole is probably something to use sparingly, but when you pair it with more muted tones it helps to even the look out all together! Oh, and did I mention that this skirt was only $8 PLUS the discount that was going on the website at the time?! Yeah. You better go check it out! This outfit was fun to make because it’s pretty simple but it has a lot to offer! And since the day I bought these pumps, I can’t get enough of them. They take an outfit from good to GREAT in moments!

White Tee: Old Navy // Neon Skirt: Boohoo // Denim Jacket: Forever 21 // Silver Pumps: GoJane


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  1. Love this look, it suits you! I love neon colours for bringing out a tan x

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