Five Tips for Online Shopping

Back when I first started my blog (it’s been nearly a year and a half now!) I was living in Rexburg, ID. For those of you who have never heard of it, just imagine an itty bitty farming town with a college smack in the middle of it all. It’s pretty tiny and it is rather desolate. I had so many people ask me how I managed to maintain my blog when shopping/clothing options were close to none, and the majority of what was there being outdated. I have three answers for you. One, spending HOURS in front of my closet making new combinations. Yep, I literally stare at what I have/had and kept trying new things. To me, that’s more realistic than constantly buying something new. Two, sponsors. They rock. And three, ONLINE SHOPPING.

I honestly thought that online shopping was everyone’s bestie. But I’ve come to learn that it most definitely is not! So many girls have told me they even despise it. Well, here I am to try and convert you to the light side and let me tell you, the grass is pretty green over here 😉 So, here are my five benefits to online shopping:


Online stores are ALWAYS carrying out random sales and offering coupon codes. I see free shipping offered quite often and many stores combine it with only about a $20-$50 minimum purchase! I mean, you probably spend the money you pay in shipping on gas driving to the mall and the food court so it all adds up to be about the same, right? 😉 And college students? CHECK OUT Unidays! You sign up with your email and get access to tons of special discounts that are always happening, they don’t go away! Here a list of other stores with their according discounts when you have your student ID:

• Ann Taylor: 20%

• Banana Republic: 15%

• Charlotte Russe: 10%

• Eddie Bauer – 10%

• J. Crew: 15%

• Topshop: 10%

• Urban Outfitters: 10%


I love going to the mall most of the time, but online retailers usually have pieces that aren’t in store, more options, organized so that you can browse through them quicker (although that mall cardio is dang sweet).


I recently discovered and holy cow you guys, I don’t know why I didn’t sooner! This is not a sponsored post, they did not ask me to say any of this. I genuinely love their company. How it works is you sign up and then you shop through their page and in turn you make a percentage every time you make a purchase. So let’s say I wanted to online shop. I get on to Ebates and search a store (we’ll use Forever 21 as an example) and shop as usual, then after I buy my items, I make a small percent into my Ebates, which I can spend anywhere! Now you might think, 2%, 4%, that’s so little! But the way I see it, it’s essentially free money. You already planned on spending that money online, why not get some of it back? And it adds up quick! Go sign up now here!


(Depending on the cake you’re making) Don’t be intimidated by returns and refunds. Once you know your sizing, it won’t happen often. But when it does, it’s quick and painless. Maybe if that’s still a bit more work than you would like to put in, try posting on a local group or talking with a friend that might buy it off of you!


Always check reviews is they are available! Don’t shop somewhere that seems too good to be true, because if it seems that way it probably is! Check with ScamAdvisor if you aren’t sure and set up a Paypal account for more secure checkout!

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