Ch Ch Changes

Change can be really scary. I have realized that often we are so content with what we already have that change seems unnecessary. But sometimes in order to achieve really great and extraordinary things, you have to be willing to accept change. I believe that the word change has a negative connotation and I hope some day that is different. Because I want to focus on the good that change brings to the table. It has strengthened me, learning to embrace life’s many seasons and adjustments. If not for change, life would be one boring excursion with no room for ups because there would be no downs. We would have no opportunity to develop ourselves and create who we want to be. And for that, I owe change a lot. Instead of fearing what change might take, I focus on what change will allow me to do.

With ALL of that being said, there will be some changes to my blog! Since I started blogging in January of 2014, I have fallen in love with it. Being able to share my fashion and style and have all of you guys that actually follow me/care about what I have to show is an insanely amazing experience. What I have come to realize I love the most though is creating. Ever since I was a young girl, I loved to design, construct, decorate, you name it. And that hasn’t changed one bit! I am a firm believer that doing what you can do look good will correspond into feeling good and acting that way, which is why style has an important place in my life. Being LDS and knowing how hard it feels to dress cute and modest when I was in high school and now having garments inspires me to help other girls/women striving to dress appropriately. But one thing I tell others about my blog is I never want to just be a face, I want to be a real person that anyone can connect with and resonate with. And I believe that we all (even those who think they don’t) have a passion to create.

Creating is the greatest gift. It makes me feel alive. And I want to share all things creative that are part of my life with you. So, from here on out, Days of Chandler will not be a solely a style blog. It will be (I hate to use the word lifestyle so I won’t) creative blog with fashion as a main emphasis. This means you can expect just about anything from baking/cooking, painting, photography, design projects, party planning, beauty, traveling, religious talks, opinions, anything creative that I have a passion for on here! I’m pretty dang happy about this decision and I hope that I am able to help inspire you in all areas of life to invent, construct, organize, and create. You are all so wonderful. I love each of you. Thanks for following me and inspiring me to keep going! 🙂


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  1. You GO with your creative self. Your style is definitely much more than just fashion!xoxoxo

  2. I can’t wait to see your expanded creative posts. I also enjoy being creative in many different aspects of my life. None of us are just what we wear, but what we do and say and feel and see and how we serve others. Best of luck

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