My Wedding Gown

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Don’t mind the fact that the bottom of my dress was GREY by the end of the day (remember, nothing a little dry cleaning didn’t fix) but this gown was a dream come true. I honestly never felt like finding “the dress” in a bridal boutique surrounded by all of my friends/family would be how I would find my wedding gown, and it wasn’t. Although I nearly gave my mother a heart attack when I told her what my plan was, I don’t regret my choice for a moment. So where was it from? Let me tell you.

I searched HOURS online, mainly Etsy to find something. I came across the amazing Wear Your Love designer (@wearyourlovexo on Instagram) and saw her Rhiannon gown and instantly fell in love with the lace. I wanted something still different though, so I drew up my vision with the help of a few images on Pinterest I designed it and had it custom made. So for those wondering, no I had not tried it on, I was banking on the fact that it would just work out and IT DID. Now I was super nervous when I went to open the box when it came, because if it wasn’t right that would be an expensive mistake. However, I teared up a little when I saw it and it was just about perfect. It needed to be altered down a little and so I went to Janay Marie (@janay.marie on Instagram) since she is located in Provo UT and she does amazing gowns herself. We both decided it could use an additional layer of english netting to make it even more perfect. Janay was FANTASTIC and I recommend her to anyone for whatever you may need.

I ordered my gown online never having tried it on, confident that this designer would understand what I wanted and that it would work out. I got it a month before my wedding and all of the final alterations were finished three weeks prior to the date. What may cause many brides stress in this situation were in my eyes worth the risk to have a dress that I created (made by someone far more talented however), and to know it was a gown that I felt represented “me”. So my advice to brides to be whether it’s soon or far away, don’t feel like you have to do what everyone else is doing. Don’t feel like you have to do the bridal salon thing if you don’t want to. Rock a dress that YOU love. Because I did and it felt great! All credits below on the dress!

Custom Bridal Gown: Wear Your Love (@wearyourlovexo)

Alterations: Janay Marie (@janay.marie)

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  1. So you sent Wear Your Love your design and they made it for you? Can I ask how much your dress cost? I’m thinking I might need to do the custom design thing but afraid of how much it will cost.

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