Honeymoon, Food Poisoning and Missed Flights.

Have you ever had so many things go wrong at once that truly all you could do is laugh about it? 😉

Our flight departed at 6:45 AM the morning after our wedding. We had to leave our hotel to catch the shuttle at 4:30 AM. If any of you remember how tired you are after your wedding you can imagine the struggle of waking up at four in the morning promptly after! However, this was a small price to pay. We had a layover in Denver and then were on our way to Mexico! I have a slight fear of airplanes (it’s weird, I know) and this flight happened to be one of the most turbulent flights I had ever been on. So I was completely relieved when we landed. Jake speaks Spanish since he served a mission in Chile and that helped us IMMENSELY on our trip. We found a taxi driver who drove us out to Sayulita and they are FAST. We finally found our hotel which was more like a condo and were ecstatic. It was the most amazing place (it was huge) and had an insane view of the jungle. Sayulita was incredible. It’s very authentic Mexico and has beautiful bright colored buildings and flowers everywhere, cute shops, delicious food (later on we will come back to this…) and gorgeous beaches. One of my favorite things is that there are literally hundreds of stray dogs everywhere that just run around! The streets were small and cobblestone and the nightlife was busier than the town gets in the daytime. I would go back to Sayulita in a heartbeat.


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We were there for a total of 3 days until we packed up and headed to Puerto Vallarta for the last 3 days of our honeymoon, and this is where things get interesting…

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We arrived at our resort in the mid afternoon on Monday and could not wait for the rest of the week. Just look at this place, heaven on earth. We booked a tour trip out to this island called Marietas that was supposed to be just the coolest thing ever for Tuesday (the next day) which wasn’t cheap but we figured that it was our honeymoon and we could spend a little to do it. We walked around, bought food for our place and basically planned out our week. Right around 8pm I had the most intense need to sleep hit me almost instantly. I insisted I would just take a nap, but Jake knows me too well and we went to bed for the night. I woke up an hour later with horrible stomach pain. Usually when that happens it’s just really painful acid indigestion, but after of wallowing in this something felt off. I went in to the bathroom and vomited twice. I kept thinking to myself, “This CANNOT be happening.”  For those that don’t know, throwing up is my WORST fear. I hate it so much that it causes me anxiety almost daily. So here I am, only having thrown up maybe 5 times in my entire life and adding to my grand total on my honeymoon. I realized it was food poisoning and realized it would be a long night. I went and woke Jake up to tell him, he helped me out and then told me that his stomach had actually been grumbling a bit too. So there we were, basically trading off to use the bathroom the whole night. I ended up puking around 8 times and by the next morning was more weak and aching than I have ever been before. I couldn’t even get out of bed without my migraine blaring, I couldn’t even THINK about food without gagging, and all I could do was sleep. We had to call the tour facility to ask about rescheduling but were told we had to go to the doctor for a note proving that we were sick to do that. The last thing I wanted was to get out of bed and walk half a mile to do that, but there was a lot of money at stake and we bit the bullet. We got there thinking the doctor might just write a note and we could be on our way, but nope! It would cost us $40 for it all and we had no other choice. So we rescheduled for Thursday assuming we might be well enough by then. Tuesday and Wednesday are blurs because I slept nearly the whole time aside from waking up to drink water and gatorade and to watch a movie at night with Jake. Thursday came and I was still far from recovered enough to go out on a boat trip so we had to call and cancel our tour. I put on a swimsuit though and we went to the beach for the first time since arriving in Puerto Vallarta. I was so happy to at least get to enjoy one day of being on the beach since Monday-Wednesday were nothing but sleeping in the hotel. We realized we had forgotten sunscreen and went to grab it from our hotel when our key wouldn’t work. We were very confused and went to ask the front desk. Turned out we were supposed to check out that day and were past the check out time. It was 12:30 in the afternoon at this point and we then wondered if somehow we had mixed dates up with the hotel. So we checked our flight status on our phones only to realize with shock and horror that our 2:05 departing flight was in fact leaving that day, not the next like we thought. Being sick all week had completely distorted our time awareness and we rushed back to our hotel to throw together all of our things and rush to the airport. We made it there at 1:30 and got to the desk only to be told we wouldn’t make it. The men at the desk said we would have to pay the difference for tickets for the next day since there is only ONE flight on their airlines each day. So we had to fork over another $350 and I was in tears. We then found a hotel (it was exactly what you would expect for a $40 hotel in Mexico) and walked around until dark in the city.

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By this time I had just accepted we had lost over $500 in fees for additional airfare, late check out, another hotel, taxis, etc. I knew I could change nothing and needed to just move on. We laid in bed and watched Into the Wild (one of our favorites… also Mexico has amazing wifi weirdly enough) and I was happy. Suddenly it hit me though that I couldn’t remember the last time I saw my new extensions in my luggage. I had JUST purchased these amazing – but expensive – new hair extensions (Hidden Crown Hair) for my wedding and brought them with and wanted to make sure they were in my suitcase. After digging through it multiple times, puling everything out and repacking it, knew that they were gone and that a maid in our previous hotel must have mixed them up with towels in the bathroom and taken them/tossed them. I cried again even though I knew it was silly, but I was so upset! It was the cherry on top. We called the hotel in the morning and the best part is that asking for missing hair extensions is super weird and awkward already but that in Spanish it only translated to “pieces of hair” haha! Unfortunately they had no idea where they were. We got to the airport VERY early this time and made our flights. We even made many friends on the way. When we got to Denver for our layover my stomach was ready to finally eat some solid food for the first time since getting sick so we ordered McDonalds and it heaven!!

In short, our honeymoon was crazy and unlike anything I would have ever guessed. So many things went wrong to the point where all we could do was laugh. We saw each other as sick as sick gets and still were ecstatic to be spending time together. We were able to have such an amazing first few days that it made it all worth it. The whole time all I could think was that the decision to marry Jake was the best choice I have ever made and if I could be so content with him even in horrible circumstances that we must have a pretty good thing going. So if you are going on a honeymoon to a foreign location, don’t forget to take Pepto, look for long lines when eating (shows that people trust the business), drink plenty of fluids and triple check your flight dates!! If any of you have honeymoon horror stories send them my way! 🙂


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  1. This sounds so awful!! I am so sad for you that you got sick AND lost so much money 😦 How frustrating! But glad you are looking at the bright side of things 🙂 And as miserable as being sick can be, it’s nicer to be sick with your new hubby. Loved reading!!


  2. I came across your blog from an article on lds living. I have a Honeymoon horror story for you although our marriage didn’t have a happy ending. BUT on a positive note, I’m totally happily married now:).
    My now ex husband and I got married in San Diego and since we were poor and I had to get back for another semester of school, our honeymoon consisted of a night in Vegas followed by an open house for his family in Southern Utah and ending with a few days exploring Salt Lake ( I had never been and it was around Christmastime). I got horribly ill on our drive up to Salt Lake and spent the night vomiting in a trash can while sitting on the toilet. It was horrible! I was sick for the next two days and we missed our flight home ( we lived in Connecticut). We had to pay an extra $250 to move our flight to the next day and even though I was still ill my husband wheeled me through the airport in a wheelchair and we made it back to Connecticut. I never got to see Salt Lake (except the freeway to the airport). I spent the bulk of our honeymoon in the tiny hotel bathroom. We later found out that most of his family had a stomach bug the week of our wedding/open house. I must have caught it. It makes me cringe and laugh at the same time just thinking about it!
    At least you got to see another country! Lol. Congrats on your marriage.

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