Personal Style

I feel myself cringing as I revisit pictures from the past. One too many Hollister zip ups and an inordinate amount of smudged black eyeliner. God, what was I thinking? Oh yeah, that I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be ‘cool’ and accepted. The funny thing is that it never really changes. We seem to care more about wearing exactly what everyone else is wearing, rather than what we actually want to wear. You see something that screams YOU but you’re pretty sure it’s too much of a risk. What if they don’t like it? What if it’s out of style? You convince yourself that it wouldn’t look good on you anyway. You end up buying the Adidas every girl in your class has, it’s a safe bet.


Everyone is wearing slight variations of the same thing. We quickly fall into the “norm.” I hate very few things in life, and the “norm” is one of them. And you know what I think? We ought to stop. Just because Gigi Hadid is wearing Calvin Klein doesn’t mean you need to. But you’ll feel like you do. And hey! That’s what big companies want. Now if that outfit is the stuff of your dreams, by all means you should get it. There’s nothing wrong with using others as inspiration, that’s how it should work! But I think that too often we see our favorite celebrities or bloggers and believe that we have to be exactly like them. You don’t need to be exactly like them. You are good enough.


When I moved to Utah three years ago, I lost myself. Here, people seemed to really care about the way they look. Ironically, as a style blogger I began regularly wearing things that other bloggers in Utah were wearing. I thought I was supposed to wear these things if I wanted to fit the bill. I soon realized that none of these things really represented who I was or wanted to be. It was incredibly exhausting trying to put together outfits that I thought other people would like. It never brought me happiness. I felt a huge drawback. It wasn’t fun anymore. I decided that it was time to reclaim my style, and boy do I feel free.


Here’s the thing; personal style is badass. It is liberating. It is authentic. It doesn’t happen overnight. It isn’t easy at first to wear whatever the heck you want without caring what other people are going to think. However, I promise that once you start making and owning these choices for yourself that you will feel incredibly alive. I think that we all have an inherit desire to create things as humans, possibly in an effort to leave our mark as to not be forgotten. I know that I don’t want to spend my entire life being just like everyone else. Not only because it becomes boring but because it deprives me of living my life. A life that is uniquely curated and created unmistakably as my own.

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